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41 Presentations - £25+VAT                       including site licence

This collection of presentations contains over 1,100 PowerPoint slides and 41 worksheets. Suitable for use in KS3 and KS4. There are some example slides below. Click on one of the images below to take a closer look at the slide.

Each of the presentations has an accompanying worksheet. You can download the presentation about convection below and see if it would suit your needs. Just click on the Physics Demo.ppt - it might take a few moments to download.

Physics Demo.ppt
Microsoft Power Point presentation [20.6 MB]

Order Code:PHY-41

A Level Physics - £25+VAT                 including site licence

This series of 824 slides covers the topics of electricity, fields, mechanics, medical physics, nuclear physics, particle physics and waves. We also include a complete set of notes in Word format which covers the same topics. In addition to the 824 slide set, we also include an expanded set of 35 presentations, covering materials and mechanics which are supplementary to material already mentioned. Click on any of the exemplar slides below to see a larger version.

To download an example of the worksheets, just click on Hadrons.DOC, below.

DOC File [95.4 KB]

Order Code:PHY-ALP

Edexcel AS Level Physics - £25+VAT including site licence

1,181 slides divided into 92 presentations, covering the 96 points listed in the 2015 concept based specification. Outstanding value to take all the hard work out of lesson preparation. A great revision aid too for your students. Click on any of the examplar slides below to see a larger version.

Order Code:PHY-EDAS

Maths For Physics - £25+VAT         including site licence

The 280 slides cover the topics of logarithms and powers, ratios and proportions, rearranging equations, significant figures, standard form, using a calculator, vectors, sines, cosines and tangents. We also include 26 worksheets in Word format with full solutions. Click on any of the examplar slides below to see a larger version.

Order Code:PHY-MFP

Tables, Charts and Graphs - £25+VAT including site licence

This series of presentations is split into three sections: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. For most pupils, this correlates well to Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. An invaluable source of information for the whole school, students can learn about the best way to record and represent their data. Click on any of the examplar slides below to see a larger version.

Tables, Charts and Graphs covers the topics of types of data, tabulating results, labels and units, bar charts, fitting the chart onto the paper, scatter graphs, plotting points, trend lines, independent variables, straight line graphs, qualitative and quantitative, nominal, ordinal, ratio and interval data, fractions, accuracy, histograms and pie charts, straight lines and curves, gradient and intercepts, using y = mx + c, digital and analogue data sources, bin sizes, large and small numbers, percentage uncertainty, absolute uncertainty, combining uncertainties, linear regression / lines of best fit, log graphs and obtaining straight lines from nonlinear equations.

Order Code:PHY-TCG






Order Code:PHY-5ALL

CCEA AS and A2 Physics - £25+VAT including site licence

74 presentations containing over 1,325 slides written especially to cover all the points addressed in the CCEA course. Excellent for classroom teaching, reinforcement at home (particularly for students who have missed lessons) and revision. Click on any of the examplar slides below to see a larger version.

Order Code:PHY-CCEA

Electronics - £25+VAT                     including site licence

This package looks at basic concepts, simple circuits, Ohm’s law, power calculations, resistors in series and parallel, capacitors, alternating current, waveforms, potential divider, basic transistor circuits, testing circuits, operational amplifier (inverting, non-inverting and comparator), power supplies, switches, diodes, transistors, FETs, timers, counting and logic and includes 17 worksheetsClick on any of the examplar slides below to see a larger version.

Order Code:PHY-ELEC




Order Code:PHY-7ALL

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